How StandardDAO is Different From Both Traditional & Other Crypto Firms

3 min readApr 28, 2022


Standard’s mission is to solve global problems and elevate standards of living for all. We will do this by utilizing an open-community investment initiative to fund mandates focused on ESG and impact investing. These mandates will be funded by a fully-backed treasury of digital and tokenized real assets (gold, real estate, energy).

We are the only organization that collectively invests in ground-breaking ESG initiatives through a transparent and community-oriented governance system so that everyone can have access to the world’s strongest store of value, allowing people to not only secure their financial well-being, but to also effect real social change within their communities. By bringing assets on-chain, we not only optimize the asset management process, but also enable better tracking and management of utilities like water or energy through various feedback loops enabling better optimization of those economies.

Vision for the future and where we are going

We are addressing the need for finance to further sustainable community development in support of the sustainable development goals. We achieve this by enabling disadvantaged communities to access sources of capital to fund on the ground initiatives to build real public goods infrastructure.

We are closing the global wealth gap by providing financing, technology, and organizational support to empower communities to act as their own economic hubs by building real world project mandates using digital assets to solve governance and resource distribution needs. This will enable target communities (including young people) to enter the digital asset world as holders and earners of cryptocurrencies in a safe and less volatile way.

We are addressing the need for resilient and independent communities with sound governance and digital literacy by utilizing an open source software protocol and community-building methods to empower communities to use decentralized ‘web3’ decision making. Our model will empower communities to determine what mandates should receive funding and to manage and coordinate cooperative financing and project delivery.

One of the first mandates that will be executed is an affordable housing fund that will fund housing initiatives that target select communities that are underserved. This fund will serve as a proof of concept for the model showcasing that both socially conscious and humanitarian based initiatives can also support positive growth of economies enabling prosperity for all involved.

About StandardDAO

Standard DAO is a global community backed by a diversification of real-world assets represented by our native SDA token with the aim of Supercharging, Scaling, and Securing the 3rd generation of the internet.

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